Signage - a basis for defence

Signage Examples


Please note that these examples only apply to Turnham Green Terrace.

View some photos and descriptions of the current approaches - click on all the relevant links or go the page about signage.  The signage is really bad - and will provide a very strong defence.

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Coming from the West – on the A315 from Chiswick to Hammersmith (see below)

Going east on Chiswick High Road there are two lanes. The left-hand lane has an arrow on the road pointing left towards Turnham Green Terrace. This is at variance with the very small and confusing 'no left turn' sign which is close to the earlier left turn of Elliott Road.

It is also very confusing that at the traffic lights which draw the eye, there is a very clear 'no right turn' sign (for Annandale road) but there is no sign for 'no left turn' in the same place where you would expect to find it. This is why most drivers would be completely confused, and several would turn left without having seen the much smaller sign well short of the TGT junction.


Coming from the East (see below)

The same is true of drivers going West on the Chiswick High Road. Where the right-hand lane has a big arrow on the road pointing right, the turn to Turnham Green Terrace has' only the smallest of signs saying 'no right turn'. This sign is a long way before the junction on the left-hand side of Chiswick High Road, well short of the junction. This would be unnoticed by the vast majority of drivers (similar to the situation for drivers from the West). This is in direct contrast to the big 'no left' turning which is on the traffic lights, telling people not to turn into Annandale Road.

The whole road furniture implies that this is a major road junction  and Turnham Green Terrace is a major turn on the right (which of course it has always been). 



Coming from the South (see below)

For drivers coming from Annandale Road (South to North) over Chiswick High Road into Turnham Green Terrace, there are no early warnings along the road to warn of restricted motor traffic into Turnham Green Terrace. The white road marking arrow clearly indicates that the driver can go straight on without restriction. 

The only other signage is when drivers get past the junction and when it is probably too late. Here there are only small signs, hard to see from the other side of the High Road.  People only really see the signs once they have already crossed the Chiswick High Road and if they were to suddenly turn right and avoid Turnhan Green Terrace, they would be making a dangerous manoevre.


Coming from the Bath Road (see below)

There is a sign very close to the Tabard pub. Unfortunately, it has been completely obscured by another sign in front of it, so that no motorist could possibly see it.



Coming from the North (from South Parade)

Coming directly from the North through the roundabout, drivers have no warning at all until they reach the roundabout. The signs are extremely small and difficult to see.

Unless drivers have very sharp eyesight, the signs are simply too small and far away to see properly.