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The reason why so many are receiving PCNs and fines is because of the controversial Streespace programme that many London boroughs have introduced with  funding and direction from Transport for London (TfL).


In very simple terms, it is a plan to get people out of cards and onto bikes and foot. But, the way it has been done has caused huge problems to millions of people. The various barrier set-ups, pop-up cycle lanes and ANPR cameras have caught out many people, and action groups have popped up all over London as a result.


If you are interested in fighting what is behind these PCNs and working to re-open the streets so that you can once again drive through Fishers Lane and Turnham Green Terrace without worrying about the cameras, please visit:



    Here you'll find resources and information about Turnham Green Terrace, Fishers Lane and many other controversial aspects of the Hounslow and Ealing programmes. You can sign up to keep in touch.

You may also be interested in joining the OneChiswick Facebook group:

And there is also a GoFundMe page to help fund the legal case against Hounslow in fighting the Streetspace changes here in West London:



While the Mayor of London, Ealing and Hounslow councils are determined to stick to their divisive and unwanted programmes, they are now facing big challenges.

The taxi drivers recently won a landmark victor where the judge, Mrs Justice Beverley Lang, found overwhelmingly for the taxi drivers against TfL, but also found the whole Streetspace programme to be unlawful.


Help this site

We welcome any help to save Chiswick, preserve our community and protect the vulnerable from the Streetspace programme in its current form. Every type of support helps!

  • Are you a lawyer, or just good at challenging PCNs?

  • Are you good with customer service, web editing or research?

  • Have you successfully challenged one of these PCNs?

  • Are you an influencer or celebrity?

  • Do you have any spare time to help us help others?

  • Would you like to donate?

If you can help in any way, please do contact us.

Thousands of ordinary people have been affected and they need support; not just to challenge their fines but to be able to move around Chiswick to do their work, earn a living and see their loved ones.

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