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Successful Appeals

Successful appeals to the Adjudicator

We have found several decisions where the adjudicators have overruled the Council's PCNs and the driver has been refunded. There will be other cases where the Council has won.

The adjudicator's decisions are not binding on each other; they make their own decisions. However, if you can come up with a very similar case in the same area then that gives you a much stronger case. There are many situations where a case has looked hopeless until a previous case is cited and the case is won!​

Below are several adjudicated cases. You will need to find them in the following way:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Statutory Registers

  3. Look for Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA) (not Road User Charging Adjudicators)

  4. Click on Search

  5. Either: Enter a single case number (see below). Just put in one case number at a time and read the cases. You won't need to put in the date as well. Hopefully this will provide a good basis for your own appeal.

    Or: Only put the name of the Borough in, e.g. Hounslow or Ealing cases where appeals are allowed. Leave all the other entries blank. Then look down the list for all relating to your road, e.g. Staveley or Hartington. Putting in the name of the road to the search criteria never seems to work. Look for the most recent cases. If you point out a successful case to an Adjudicator, he or she will take notice.

But, be aware that occasionally the signage will have been changed or improved by the Council (compared to a previous appeal), or for others a tree or bush may have grown and obscured the signs. So an old appeal may no longer apply.

Fishers Lane appeals

(Turning left from South Parade; please be aware that Ealing have improved the signage as a result of losing these cases. It hasn't, of course, refunded those who were fined similarly but did not appeal). Here are some old cases but you may want to look for newer ones:

  • 2210100727 (01/04/2021)

  • 2210109415 (06/04/2021)

  • 2210118405 (08 Apr 2021)

  • 221014518A (22 Apr 2021)

  • 221020267A (02 Jun 2021)

  • 2210201054 (10 Jun 2021)

  • 2210316602 (10 Jul 2021) – night time


(Turning right from South Parade)


  • 2210125207 (29 Apr 2021)

Hartington Road appeals

Case references and decision dates below. The date of the incident might have been months before the decision. The most recent we have found is 23 April 2022:

  • 2220105465 (23 April 2022 - Click here to download (DOCX))

  • 2210201702 (26 May 2021)

  • 2210198481 (05 Jul 2021)

  • 2210238531 (15 Jun 2021)

  • 2210164140 (06 May 2021)

  • 221014372A (27 Apr 2021)

Stavely Road appeals

It does seem to be particularly difficult to appeal a Staveley Road ticket, but we have heard of some recent successes so it is possible. One such appeal is 2220156138, which you can click here to download (DOCX).

We wish you all the best in your fight for justice and please, win or lose, please let us know how you have done. Every new case can help to inform others; we learn from both success and defeat!

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