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Help to fight back


Chiswick Appeal needs your help!

We set this website up in the middle of October and we need your help! There are thousands of people who need assistance and this site is run by just a few people (so far).

  • Are you a lawyer, or just good at challenging PCNs?

  • Are you good with customer service, web editing or research?

  • Have you successfully challenged one of these PCNs?

  • Are you an influencer or celebrity?

  • Do you have any spare time to help us help others?

  • Would you like to donate?

If you can help in any way, please do contact us.

Thousands of ordinary people have been affected and they need support; not just to challenge their fines but to be able to move around Chiswick to do their work, earn a living and see their loved ones.

Consultation process

If you are unhappy about the way that Turnham Green Terrace and other roads have been closed, you have the opportunity to use the Hounslow consultation process until late December 2020. It is very important to go through this route, as that is what Hounslow Council take notice of. Please take the time to do it!


Change petition

There is also a Change petition, please sign this too:

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