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Got a PCN on Turnham Green Terrace or Fishers Lane?

Due to the unpopular Streetspace programmes, penalty notices are being issued on cars that were previously allowed to use these roads.

We are here to help you challenge them if they are unfair and stop the Council making

easy money


Fishers Lane

PCNs are now being issued to drivers turning into Fishers Lane.  We have prepared some resources to help you challenge them.  Most of the PCNs are being issued by Ealing Council.

Turnham Green Terrace

Turnham Green Terrace has been open cars since October after the Hounslow Council issued nearly £1m in fines.  But some people are still getting late Penalty notices from incidents that happened months ago and of course the situation could change again.

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How to appeal the PCNs for Turnham Green Terrace or Fishers Lane

We have provided some help and advice if you have

been issued with a PCN for an MTC (Moving Traffic Violation).  Please go our page on  "how to appeal"

and follow the advice.

Or just fill in the contact form below with your vehicle registration number and PCN number and a short message.


Turnham Green Terrace is a very well-loved street which runs between Chiswick High Road and Turnham Green underground station, and on towards Bath Road and South Parade. It runs past a wonderfully eclectic set of small shops from cafes to clothes shops, estate agents and those selling fresh meat, fish and fruit.

Until late August 2020, it was bustling with life and community. It is also the B491 and links Chiswick to Acton, the A40 and the route to Shepherds Bush, and links beautiful Bedford Park to the rest of Chiswick.

What happened?

Hounslow Council created an Experimental Order (ETO) in late June 2020 which banned all motor traffic other than taxis and buses, except for access. In August it started to enforce this by serving MTCs, which meant that people innocently driving down a street they had used for many decades were being served with tickets requiring them to pay £130 (with a reduction to 'only' £65 for quick payment).

Most people have no idea why a street they have driven down for so long is suddenly barred to them. Most have not seen any clear signs to warn them of the change. Within the space of one month, at least 4,000 cars were served with demands to a total value of around £500,000. This figure has now grown to over 7,000. The compares to 40,000 tickets for the whole of Hounslow in 2019.

The consequences

Shops have reported a loss of 30% in revenues. Distressed customers won't come back and all the parking on the street is now either loading only or restricted to disabled drivers. The street now feels entirely different, and nothing like the familiar and bustling environment we have enjoyed for so long.

What is this website for?

This small website is here firstly to help any drivers to dispute their PCNs which are demanding them to pay money. If you are such a driver, or know somebody who has received a ticket, you may have a strong case to dispute the fine and get justice.

This site also seeks to explain why Hounslow Council has decreed that motor traffic can no longer use the road, and what you might do to change this situation if you don't agree with it.

The more people who dispute their tickets, the greater the chance that Hounslow won't be able to use the money for further unfair restrictions.

Further reading

Here are two articles about the fines: