Welcome to Chiswick Appeals

Got a PCN on Turnham Green Terrace or Fishers Lane?

You are probably here because you or a friend or relative has received a PCN—Penalty Charge Notice—for driving down a street in Chiswick which has been recently closed to through traffic.

In the past year, many thousands of PCNs have been issued for the following streets:

  • Turnham Green Terrace
    Restrictions have now been lifted and you can drive both ways!
    There is plenty of guidance on this website about this street, but hopefully—for now—you won't need it.

  • Fishers Lane
    Either by Hounslow or Ealing Council. Still restricted.

  • Devonshire Road
    By Hounslow Council. Some restrictions are now being lifted but will still be in place (bizarrely) between 5pm to 8am.

  • Hartington Road
    By Hounslow Council. Northbound from Chiswick Bridge end (you can still drive from the A4 towards the A316)

  • Stavely Road
    At certain times of day during school start and finishing times (even during school holidays)

Signs - TGT and Fishers Lane 3.jpg

What happened?

Hounslow Council, along with other councils, have implemented the Streetspace programme to minimise care use and promote walking and cycling.

But, as a result, thousands of drivers—often people who are vulnerable and reliant on their cars—have been unfairly restricted, and people have been faced with punitive fines which many struggle to afford.

Often the signs are not clear, and people simply didn't realise that they could no longer drive down streets they have used all their lives for essential reasons. Many have come from other areas and didn't realise. Some of the signs are correct but rarely used or understood, and many are very unfamiliar in urban situations.

About this website

This website was designed to help people to appeal. Hundreds of people have successfully appealed, mainly against PCNs issued on Turnham Green Terrace.​

Some people have used this site to appeal tickets from other areas; we get 'thank you' letters from other areas of London and beyond!

We can no longer offer personal advice and help to individuals, but we hope that the resources we have put together will help people to argue a good defence.

Help available​

This website offers basic help and advice on the following pages:

  • Why appeal?
    Why appealing can work and why it's worth doing. It won't cost you anything.

  • How to appeal
    We have provided some sample letters which apply to Fishers Lane and Turnham Green Terrace, but they can be adapted for anywhere. People have used them all over the UK.

  • Successful appeals for Chiswick
    Some successful adjudications for Fishers Lane and Hartington Road are listed, along with some advice on usage.



OneChiswick is a group which is working to try and stop these restrictions being imposed, and to have them removed.

Turnham Green is no longer restricted and Devonshire Road has fewer restrictions than initially imposed.

If you interested in the campaign against these restrictions, please sign up to the website:

or join the Facebook group at:


We are no longer manning this Chiswick Appeals website actively but we do hope that you find the advice helpful. Most complaints are now about Fishers Lane and we have added some advice and standard forms to help people with that.

Good luck!